The Top NASB Wide Margin Reference Bible on Amazon


Lord’s Library editors created this quick resource to link you to the most popular NASB wide margin reference Bible on Amazon.

The New American Standard Bible (NASB) is the most widely embraced literal version of the different English Bible translations created in the 20th century. First published in its entirety in 1971, the NASB aims to be true to the original languages of the Bible while being understandable. This Bible translation was produced from the need for a contemporary Word-for-Word Bible translation that existed at that time.

There are many popular editions of the NASB, coming in different sizes, materials, and study formats. And there are more than a few great NASB wide margin reference Bible versions available, though the one we’ve listed below the fold is currently the most popular on Amazon.

The Gospel

The Top NASB Wide Margin Reference Bible

NASB Wide Margin Reference Bible, Brown

Author/Publisher: The Lockman Foundation

Material: Imitation leather

Key Features:

  • One and a quarter inch outside margins
  • 95,000 cross-references
  • Smyth-sewn binding

From the publisher: “The NASB Wide Margin Reference Bible features a one and a quarter inch outside margin (1.25) and over 95,000 cross-references to enhance your daily reading and study. This New American Standard Bible features a single column of Bible text making reading smooth and steady. Its Smyth sewn binding adds durability for frequent use and travel.”

*Also available in brown version.

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