The 8 Best Bible Journaling Books and Design Guides for 2024


The editors at Lord’s Library have compiled this list of the best Bible journaling books to add to your shopping cart.

Bible journaling books can be a great tool for new journalers or those that have been at it for a while but are looking to brush up on the best practices. The best Bible journaling books provide design guidance for Christians looking to get the most out of their journaling experience. Some even offer additional tools for Bible journaling like stencils or traceables. It is recommended that beginners select one of the titles that includes step-by-step projects and examples.

With this in mind, the editors at Lord’s Library have compiled this list of the best Bible journaling books and guides to consider. The title that is right for you will largely depend upon your proficiency level and whether you want the package to include additional Bible journaling supplies. Each listing includes some basic facts about each product to help you make your decision.

Note: We only included the best Bible journaling books with a 4-star rating or better and a minimum of 200 reviews. Titles are organized by the total number of reviews at the time of our publication.

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The Best Bible Journaling Books

Complete Guide to Bible Journaling: Creative Techniques to Express Your Faith

Author/Publisher: Joanne Fink and Regina Yoder

From the publisher: “Learn all about the different types of tools that today’s Bible journalers use to connect their faith with creativity. Discover wonderful ways to express your spirit by tracing, drawing, and patterning. Get tips on using stencils, colored pencils, watercolors, acrylic paints, rubber stamps, washi tape, and much more. Meet some of the world’s leading Bible journaling artists who share the stories of their personal faith journeys.”

Bible Journaling – Trusting in God

Author/Publisher: Anita C. Haines

From the publisher: “Use these beautiful examples and images in your own Bible journaling. This package contains one 8.5×11 inch Bible journaling book. Comes in a variety of designs. A dedicated Bible journaler since 2014, Anita studied at both Ashland Theological Seminary and the Columbus College of Art and Design. She is deeply devoted to helping others discover the joy and healing that can be found in the process of Bible journaling.”

Bible Journaling – Celebrating God’s Promises

Author/Publisher: Krista Hamrick

From the publisher: “Use these beautiful examples and images in your own Bible journaling. This package contains one 8.5×11 inch Bible journaling book. Comes in a variety of designs. A professional illustrator who studied at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, Krista worked as a staff illustrator in a small studio before striking out on her own to license her creations. A devoted Bible journaler, Krista is passionate about sharing the joy and peace of bible journaling.”

The Art of Bible Journaling

Author/Publisher: Erin Bassett

From the publisher: The Art of Bible Journaling first covers the basics, from choosing a Bible to embellishments and art techniques, and then provides more than 60 specific step-by-step projects to bring the pages to life. You’ll learn how to faith journal outside the Bible, journal on the go, and customize your Bible, and get such bonus items as traceable art to copy and paste, colorful stickers, and versatile templates that make it easy to get started.”

A Workbook Guide to Bible Journaling

Author/Publisher: Shanna Noel

From the publisher: “Written by popular author, artist, and founder of Illustrated Faith Shanna Noel and friends, A Workbook Guide to Bible Journaling will inspire you to get into the word daily and worship God in creative and unique ways. Shanna and her journaling friends share what Bible journaling means to them, their favorite ways to Bible Journal and special tips for beginners. The workbook is complete with highlights for additional creative tips and supply lists. Each journal lesson has a workbook page for you to experiment, practice your craft or just have fun while you spend sweet creative time in God’s word.”

Bible Journaling – Everlasting Hope

Author/Publisher: Karla Dornacher

From the publisher: “Everlasting Hope includes an inspiring peek at the personal Bible of journaler Karla Dornacher, and she also shares motivating insights on her personal study experiences. Packed with literally hundreds of pieces of art including traceables, vellums, and stickers all created in Karla’s sweet and expressive signature style, this handy booklet is a perfect resource for experienced and new journalers alike.”

Faith Journaling for the Inspired Artist

Author/Publisher: Stephanie Ackerman

From the publisher: Faith Journaling for the Inspired Artist is a dynamic and inspiring resource for learning art journaling in Bibles, prayer journals, daily devotionals, and creative life planners. Whether working with colored pencils, markers, watercolor, or stamps, when it comes to faith journaling, there are no rules! You’ll not only learn how to expand your artistic horizons, but also discover how to give yourself permission to create personal artistic expressions of your faith.”

Bible Journaling Made Simple

Author/Publisher: Sandy Allnock

From the publisher: “In this introduction to Bible journaling, you’ll discover meaningful ways to combine art, heart and scripture–from backgrounds to hand-lettered verses to beautiful full-page drawings. Whether you’re new to Bible journaling or looking for fresh ideas, this book will lead you on a rewarding spiritual journey. Success is not measured in the complexity or polish of the art, but in a deeper, more personal connection with God.”

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