The 10 Best Evangelism Training and Online Courses for 2024


The editors at Lord’s Library have compiled this list of the best evangelism training and online courses so you can preach the gospel with ease.

The Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines evangelism as “The promulgation of the gospel.” In comparison, The King James Bible mentions “evangelist” two times; the first of which it states “But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry” in 2 Timothy 4:5. These two statements provide a clear answer to the question “what is Biblical evangelism?” and offer a simple understanding of what Christian evangelists do.

While evaluating the best evangelism training and online courses could be a time-consuming process, our editors compiled this resource to save you the search. We scoured the web and identified the best evangelism training from trusted Christian thought leaders and practitioners. This list includes evangelist training courses that are held broadly in-person, virtually, or via interactive online learning tools. The listed courses provide education on various types of evangelist methods and strategies.

Once you complete one or more of these evangelism training courses, consult one of the best evangelism books (we recommend Ray Comfort’s) to continue your education, or browse popular evangelism tracts to start sharing the gospel with others.

Note: The best evangelism training and online courses are listed in alphabetical order.

The Gospel

The Best Evangelism Training and Online Courses

Billy Graham School of Evangelism Online

“Practical Evangelism Training From Billy Graham”

Description: The Billy Graham School of Evangelism lets students study Billy Graham’s time-tested principles at their own pace through online lessons and instructional videos featuring Billy Graham, Will Graham, and other gifted evangelists. The School of Evangelism training is self-paced and consists of four courses with three lessons in each, combing audio and video segments, readings, projects, quizzes, and other learning activities.


Christian Leaders Institute Evangelist Ministry Training

“Share the Good News!”

Description: Christian Leaders Institute offers evangelist ministry training that includes courses on Christian Apologetics, presenting grace, introduction to communication, and more. CLI evangelism training is designed for full-time ministers who want seek continuing education, part-time ministers looking to increase their confidence, and volunteer Christian leaders.


Engage 360 Church Evangelism Training

“Helping you have spiritual conversations in everyday life.”

Description: Engage 360 offers interactive evangelism training based on four key principles (analyze, train, model, and sustain). Engage’s courses can be tailored for church settings, individual witnessing, or for universities through multi-day events which include sidewalk conversations, formal talks, and coordinated follow-up plans. The company offers evangelism training for conferences and retreats, multi-week options for churches specifically, and church consulting services as well.



“Spark fresh ideas and actions to grow your church”

Description: EvangelismCoach offers virtual evangelism seminars for groups by an experienced source offering these services since 1988. The company offers services in English and Spanish and has served four new church developments in two countries as well. The EvangelismCoach has consulted in the development of new evangelism curriculums, taught evangelism and mission conferences in 10 countries, and more. Training is gospel-centered, Biblical, church-based, and practical based on real-world experience.


EvanTell Evangelism Training

“Evangelism Training for All”

Description: EvanTell’s free online training helps students prepare to share the gospel with confidence and clarity, whether you are evangelizing to friends, family, coworkers, or kids. Each course is packed with helpful resources and backed by an interactive, hands-on format. Current EvanTell courses include ACT Personal Evangelism Training, Seedlings Child Evangelism Training, Working with the Gospel, Evangelism in Disaster and Victim Relief, You Can Preach It!, and Save the Mother Save Her Child.


Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship

“Helping people clearly understand, genuinely embrace & firmly hold on to the gospel”

Description: Good Soil’s purpose is to motivate, train, and resource people in a worldview relevant to evangelism and discipleship. The company’s training menu includes Good Soil Seminar & Trainer Certification, Hooks for Handing the Old Testament and New Testament Storylines, Moving Beyond Lecture, BibleStorying, The Roots of Faith, Good Soil Mini-Basic in Local Churches, and Becoming a Truly Evangelistic Church. You can view Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship’s full list of upcoming course dates and registration info here.


School of Biblical Evangelism

“The online School of Biblical Evangelism will teach you how to share your faith simply, effectively, and biblically…the way Jesus did.”

Description: This study course will help you to prove the authenticity of the Bible, provide ample evidence for creation, refute the claims of evolution, understand the beliefs of those in cults and other religions, and know how to reach both friends and strangers with the gospel. Offered by Living Waters, the School of Biblical Evangelism includes 101 lessons across more than 15 courses.

Companion Materials: School of Biblical Evangelism: 101 Lessons (book)


Saint Paul School of Evangelization

“Our mission is to train, equip, and mobilize Catholics for the urgent work of evangelization”

Description: The Saint Paul School of Evangelization is the educational arm of St. Paul Street Evangelization dedicated to training, equipping, and mobilizing Catholic disciples for the urgent work of evangelization. Students can learn via live, in-person training at select locations or take advantage of the online and virtual schools which are designed to equip Catholics to share their faith in a joyful, non-confrontational way with others. Click here to view Saint Paul’s entire evangelism training course catalog.


Tony Evans Training Center Evangelism Course

“Our mission is to train, equip, and mobilize Catholics for the urgent work of evangelization”

Description: Tony Evans offers a free evangelism course designed to help students develop a Biblical theology of evangelism that clarifies what the gospel is and why it is important for all Christians to share it. The training also aims to equip participants with a clear method for sharing the gospel with others. Tony Evans’ evangelism course is specifically offered in a compact form to quickly help students move on to additional online education modules.


Zondervan Academic Evangelism Training

“The best online courses for biblical and theological studies.”

Description: Zondervan Academic offers college and seminary-level online courses on a number of topics. Its main course, Evangelism in a Skeptical World, will equip you with the principles needed to tell the good news about Jesus to friends. Presented by speaker and evangelist Sam Chan, every session is illustrated with real-world examples drawn from over fifteen years of evangelistic ministry. Related courses cover topics like evangelism tactics and organic outreach.

Companion Materials: Evangelism in a Skeptical World (book)


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