The 6 Best NRSV Study Bibles (New Revised Standard Version) for 2024


The editors at Lord’s Library have compiled this list of the best NRSV study Bibles (New Revised Standard Version) on our reading list.

Study Bibles are special editions of the Bible written specifically for students of the Bible. Study Bibles provide scholarly information designed to give the reader context and a more complete understanding of God’s Word. Scholarly information can come in several forms, from annotations that explain complex passages, articles and biographies of key characters, illustrations and other visuals, and more.

With this in mind, the editors at Lord’s Library have compiled this list of the best NRSV study Bibles (New Revised Standard Version) to consider. The one that is right for you will largely depend upon which features are most important. Each listing includes author and publisher information, some basic facts about the version, and links to any alternative versions that may be available.

Note: We only included the best NRSV study Bibles (New Revised Standard Version) with a 4-star or better rating and a minimum of 75 reviews. Titles are organized by the total number of reviews at the time of our publication.

The Gospel

The Best NRSV Study Bibles (New Revised Standard Version)

The New Oxford Annotated Bible with Apocrypha: New Revised Standard Version

Author/Publisher: Michael Coogan

Material: Paperback

Key Features:

  • Introductions and extensive annotations for each book
  • Introductory essays on major groups of biblical writings
  • General essays on translation, color maps, and timelines

From the publisher: “For over 50 years students, professors, clergy, and general readers have relied on The New Oxford Annotated Bible as an unparalleled authority in Study Bibles. This fifth edition of the Annotated remains the best way to study and understand the Bible at home or in the classroom. This thoroughly revised and substantially updated edition contains the best scholarship informed by recent discoveries and anchored in the solid Study Bible tradition.”

The HarperCollins Study Bible

Author/Publisher: Harold W. Attridge

Material: Hardcover

Key Features:

  • In-depth articles
  • Introductions and comprehensive study notes

From the publisher: “The HarperCollins Study Bible—Student Edition is the landmark general reference Bible that offers the full text of the New Revised Standard Version as well as in-depth articles, introductions, and comprehensive notes by today’s leading biblical scholars for the Society of Biblical Literature. Completely revised and updated, this edition incorporates the latest scholarship and findings as well as incorporating new diagrams, charts, and maps—25% revised or new material.”

The New Interpreter’s Study Bible

Author/Publisher: Walter Harrelson

Material: Hardcover

Key Features:

  • Extensive historical and theological annotations
  • Brief introductions and outlines for each Bible book
  • Commissioned maps

From the publisher: The New Interpreter’s Study Bible brings the best of biblical scholarship to the service of the Church. In this new edition based on The New Revised Standard Version of the Bible with Apocrypha, sixty distinguished scholars have provided background and insight on the biblical text.”

NRSV Student Bible

Author/Publisher: Yancy Phillip

Material: Hardcover

Key Features:

  • Book introductions and overviews
  • 3-track reading plan guidelines
  • 100 people you should know about important people

From the publisher: “The Student Bible’s proven, commonsense approach to studying the Scriptures appeals to high school and college readers as well as adults of every age. Its carefully researched features will help you overcome common obstacles to reading and understanding the Bible. Edited by award-winning authors Philip Yancey and Tim Stafford, this Bible enables you to understand what you read, find the topics you’re looking for, and make real progress in your studies.”

NRSV Wesley Study Bible

Author/Publisher: Joel B. Green

Material: Bonded leather

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive study notes by more than 50 Biblical scholars
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of core terms by Wesley experts
  • Extended reference to works by John Wesley

From the publisher: “By studying the Wesley Study Bible you will share God’s grace and find the good gifts God has for you. As God transforms you through study, you will be inspired to transform the world. Contributors from across the Wesleyan family join together to help you experience God in fresh ways.”

NRSV Thinline Reference Bible, Large Comfort Print

Author/Publisher: Zondervan

Material: Imitation leather

Key Features:

  • Double-column format
  • NRSV authorized concise glossary and concordance
  • Thousands of cross-references

From the publisher: With a new, easy-to-read typeface, the NRSV Thinline Reference Bible, Large Print, invites you to deeply explore Scripture.  Expertly designed for the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) text, Comfort Print delivers a smooth reading experience that complements the foremost Bible translation vetted by Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical, and Jewish scholars. This large print reference Bible includes thousands of cross-references, a concordance, and eight pages of full-color maps.”

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