The Complete List of Books by Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker


Our editors assembled this list of Robert Breaker’s books, a complete guide to the written works of missionary evangelist Robert Breaker.

Robert Breaker III is an ordained King James Bible-believing independent Baptist Minister who preaches salvation solely by faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, sanctification, and the importance of reading, defending and preaching the holy scriptures based upon preserved texts. In his ministry, he aims to “win souls, teach new converts about living for God, and dogmatically stand for the pure words of God in every language.”

Robert Breaker graduated from the Pensacola Bible Institute, pastored at Garcon Baptist Church in Milton, Florida, and served as a missionary in Honduras for seven years where he worked to plant several churches. He now travels and preaches all over the Americas in both English and Spanish. Brother Breaker also heads up The Cloud Church, an online meeting place for Bible believers to study God’s Word. Breaker has a rapidly growing YouTube channel where he posts weekly video sermons as well.

This page contains a complete list of Robert Breaker books currently available for purchase on Amazon. Breaker offers all of these titles free of charge and in printable form as well. To view additional works, including his teaching DVDs in Spanish, visit the official Robert Breaker bookstore.

The Gospel

Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker’s Books

What the Bible Says About Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

From the publisher: “This is Robert Breaker’s work about what the Bible says on marriage, divorce, and remarriage. Robert Ray Breaker III is a King James Bible Believing Independent Baptist. His father led him to the Lord on July 29, 1992 in Milton, Florida. A few years later he enrolled in the Pensacola Bible Institute and graduated there in 1998 with a Bachelors of Divinity. While attending Bible School, Robert pastored, Garcon Point Baptist Church for a short time.”

The Importance of the Blood of Jesus Christ

From the publisher: “This book shows the great importance of the precious shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, for without it man cannot obtain eternal salvation and forgiveness of sins. It further proves that those who claim to be Christians, yet they omit the blood of Jesus in their preaching and soul winning are not really Christians at all, for you cannot truly be a Christian without the blood of Jesus.”

Hey, Where’s the Blood?

From the publisher: “This book asks the question of modern Christianity, “Where’s the blood of Jesus Christ?” For it is often omitted in Christian preaching of the gospel, gospel tracts, religious literature, theological discussions, and more. This book does well to show where the blood of Jesus really is. It also shows a contrast between the modern “bloodless gospel being preached in the world today with that of the old time “bloodstained gospel” of salvation by faith alone in the blood atonement of Jesus Christ. So why don’t you get this book and read for yourself just where the blood is, or at least where it should be!”

Why I Am A Baptist

From the publisher: “This books tells why I personally am a Baptist. It also gives the “Baptist Distinctives” or those set teachings that have been peculiar to the Baptist denomination throughout history.”

Why I Am More Than Just a Fundamentalist

From the publisher:This book explains exactly what are the fundamentals of the Christian faith. It further shows how many of these “fundamentals” have been changed, twisted, or mis-defined by many Christians, and it concludes with the plain Biblical fact that there are people out there who claim to be “fundamentalists” who aren’t even Christians at all!”

The Heresy of the Sinner’s Prayer

From the publisher:This book shows the “heresy” behind the modernistic teaching of instructing a sinner to just “pray the Sinner’s Prayer.” Salvation in the Bible is not through any prayer uttered from the lips, rather it’s by faith from the heart. This book does well to expose the modern heresy of the Sinner’s Prayer, as well as point sinners to salvation by Christ Jesus alone, and not by any works that man himself can do.”

What it Means to Call Upon the Lord

From the publisher:This book looks at the word “calling” in the Bible and how it’s used. According to the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary there are at least seven different definitions of the word “call.” This books shows where the Bible uses this word in different ways, as well as showing how the Bible instructs sinners to call upon Him.”

The History and Truth About the Spanish Bible Controversy

From the publisher:This book shows the sad history of the Spanish Bible, where it came from, how it was messed with by corrupt Bible Societies, and the many different problematic translations of it in the last 100 years. It also shows that because of this a great “Controversy” has arisen among many Fundamentalists and Evangelicals. This book also gives information about those who have sought to fix the problems in the Spanish Bible, and their new versions upon the texts underlying the King James Bible.”

The History and Truth About the Reina-Valera Gomez

From the publisher:This book gives information about the modern Gomez Spanish Bible, and its various editions, being careful to point out the horrendous errors in its first edition, which thankfully have been changed in later editions. The Gomez Bible is a modern translations based on the 1909 and 1960, while claiming to correct them with the pure texts underlying the King James Bible. But did it do a thourough job of revision? This book will give you details about why this version did not do a thorough revision, and will point you to the 1602 Purified Spanish Bible as a much better translation of the Scriptures.”

The Book of James: A Commentary

From the publisher:This is a commentary on the book of James. It uses the King James Bible as its basis, and it looks at the book from the Dispensational standpoint of being written to Jews in the Tribulation period. It also looks at the devotional and spiritual applications of the verses in the book as well.”

The Book of 1st and 2nd Peter: A Commentary

From the publisher:This is a commentary on the books of 1 and 2 Peter from the King James Bible. It shows the spiritual application of the books to the Church, as well as the double application to Jews in the Tribulation.”

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