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Lord’s Library editors created this quick resource to link you to the most popular New King James audio Bible on Amazon.

First published in 1982, the New King James Version of the Bible is an update of the King James Version produced by Thomas Nelson. This popular version is one of many different English Bible translations created in an effort to bring the accuracy and reliability of the original King James to a broader, modern audience. The New King James Version is an engaging Bible translation for those that appreciate the history, flow, and accuracy of the King James Version but wish to read a Bible in a more contemporary language.

The NKJV comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and study and reference editions for virtually every type of Bible reader. And there are more than a few great New King James audio Bible versions available, though the one we’ve listed below the fold is currently the most popular on Amazon.

Note: The top King James audio Bible listed below comes from Lord’s Library’s annual Best NKJV Bibles list.

The Gospel

The Top New King James Audio Bible

Voice Only Audio Bible – New King James Version, NKJV

Author/Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Material: Audio

Key Features:

  • Voice only
  • Narration by storyteller Bob Souer.

From the publisher: “Thomas Nelson introduces the complete bible as a Voice Only Audio Bible in the NKJV. Immerse yourself in God’s Word with the beautiful narration of master storyteller Bob Souer. It’s 68 hours and 44 minutes long, unabridged, in the English language, and is also available in a leather bound version.”

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