Bold Beliefs: John Harbaugh’s Faith in Jesus Christ & the Bible


Lord’s Library editors created this short profile on John Harbaugh’s faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible as an encouragement and to highlight Christians doing bold things in popular culture.

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh has never been shy about expressing the role his faith in Jesus Christ plays in life, both on and off the football field. Regular public declarations about the faith paint a picture of a man deeply rooted in Christ in the Bible, which influence his coaching philosophy, leadership style, and personal life.

For example, in a post-game press conference, Harbaugh praised the “amazing spirit on this team” and expressed his desire to give “honor and credit where it’s due,” acknowledging that “The Kingdom belongs to you, Lord, you are the head and the ruler over everything.”

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John Harbaugh’s Faith in Jesus Christ & the Bible

One of the most compelling aspects of Harbaugh’s faith is how he sees the hand of God in the game of football and in the broader context of life’s challenges or victories. He has been quoted as saying, “Every opportunity, every setback, every victory is a chance to grow in faith and in character.”

He often speaks about the importance of serving others, a principle he derives from his faith. In a team meeting, he shared, “To be great leaders, we must first be great servants. Jesus Christ taught us that.” After a significant game, Harbaugh aimed to “give all glory and praise to my lord and savior, Jesus Christ,” showing a commitment to public declarations of faith.

Harbaugh’s public declarations of faith include direct references to consistent prayer and the importance of keeping God first. Moreover, Harbaugh is known for encouraging his players to explore the faith by emphasizing that a foundation in Jesus Christ and the Bible are a source of strength, resilience, and inspiration.

John Harbaugh’s faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible is the defining element of his identity. His public statements and actions consistently reflect a man deeply committed to the faith, and which shape his approach to coaching a professional football organization. Harbaugh’s public declarations of faith offer insight into how a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can influence professional success, even at the highest levels of sport.

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