The 9 Best Christian LinkedIn Groups to Consider Joining Today


Our editors assembled this list of the best Christian LinkedIn groups to help you grow your faith-based connections list and interact with like-minded professionals.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network with roughly 750-million registered and more than 300-million active users. LinkedIn users most commonly use the platform to kick-start their business, generate leads, drive sales of their product or service, or land the perfect job. You don’t have to be an expert either, even LinkedIn newbies can leverage the social network to connect with like-minded individuals and enhance their career.

A quick LinkedIn people search for Christianity, Christian, Bible, or church reveals tens of thousands of unique results. Though there’s no way to know for sure, one can bet that a good number of current LinkedIn users would identify as being Christian. With this in mind, the editors at Lord’s Library have compiled this list of the best Christian LinkedIn groups to consider joining. We recommend these Christian-themed groups to more easily enable Christian professionals to connect with one another and grow faith-based business across the globe.

Note: This list of the best Christian LinkedIn groups includes only those with more than 5,000 registered users

The Gospel

The Best Christian LinkedIn Groups

Christian Professionals Worldwide

Members: 62.1K

About the Group: “We are a group of God’s Kids who wish to encourage each other in our relationship with God through Jesus. Christian Professionals Worldwide exists to be a welcome place where God’s Children, at all levels of maturity, and from all walks of life can encourage and be encouraged to grow in relationship with Jesus and each other.”


Christian Business Leaders Network

Members: 24.7K

About the Group: “The CBLNetwork is for general discussion, testimonies, and announcements about how Christ works in our daily business lives. This group is also a networking resource for Christian business leaders. Our group is intended as a safe haven to discuss Scripture, Christ and our daily walk with Him, and to encourage each other to boldly proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in our homes, communities and workplaces.”


Catholic Professionals

Members: 15.6K

About the Group: “Fosters the spiritual growth of Catholic Professionals by providing news, information and apologetics concerning the faith and how it applies to Catholics “not of the World” but “in the World.” While open to all Christians and everyone else, this group will always remain Catholic in it’s focus and support all that is authentically Catholic. Under the patronage of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.”


Christian Ministry & Church Leadership

Members: 11.6K

About the Group: “This group is for worship leaders, pastors, evangelists, musicians, writers, authors, speakers, students, lay leaders, ministers, and others in church or para-church organizations who are committed to progressive ministry rooted in the historical Christian faith. This group is for networking and sharing of best practices related to leadership in ministry and church organizations.”


Christian Workers, Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Members: 9.8K

About the Group: “This group purpose is to connect Christian workers, enterpreneurs and professionals that desire to network in order to share experience and promote the practice of Christian principles in all areas of business and profession.”


Assemblies of God

Members: 8.8K

About the Group: “The Assemblies of God is committed to fulfilling a threefold mission. Its primary reason for being is to evangelize the lost, worship God, and disciple believers. The purpose of this group is to network among Assemblies of God Ministers and lay people.”


Catholic Networkers

Members: 7.5K

About the Group: “Catholic Networkers is for business professionals that are also practicing Catholics, to help one another grow their businesses, secure a new job or a new contract so they can provide for their families, themselves and the Church.”


Faith Driven Business

Members: 6.1K

About the Group: “Faith Driven Business is a refreshing and vibrant online community for small business entrepreneurs who seek to honor God and merge their faith and work. We provide insights from CEOs and entrepreneurs who have built remarkable companies, AND the spiritual leaders who teach them. The content will create a community for answers, support and fellowship. Hear what others are doing to live their faith at work.”


Link’d4Ministry Christian Ministry Network

Members: 6.1K

About the Group: “Link’d4Ministry Christian Ministry Network is a Network of Christians and Christian Ministries that want to grow their ministry, discuss topics, and promote their ministry teaching and products through LinkedIn. Members are encouraged to start and participate in discussions, share successes, and even promote their own ministries, websites, and blogs, as long as it benefits the kingdom and glorifies our Lord.”

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