The 9 Best Luke Commentaries To Read in 2024


Lord’s Library editors created this guide to the best Luke commentaries available to help you narrow your search.

When embarking on a deep dive into the Gospel of Luke, having a reliable commentary at your side can make all the difference. The Book of Luke provides a detailed account of the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, offering rich insights into His teachings and the fulfillment of God’s salvation plan. As it is written in Luke 7:50: “And he said to the woman, Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace.”

Whether you are a teacher, preacher or somewhere in between, choosing one of the best Luke commentaries means gaining enhanced exegesis and in-depth analysis with your Bible study. There’s also the benefit of academic or scholarly observations attached if you are one who likes to go the “collegiate route.”

Narrowing your options for the best title, but with a discerning eye, can be hard to do. And that’s why we’re here to tell you that you’ve found the right place if you Googled for a list of the best Luke commentaries. It’s the perfect collection of books if you want the focus that historical context, notes, cross-references, and reference study tools bring.

To simplify your search, we’ve conducted a meta-analysis of the best Luke commentaries currently available on Amazon. Our carefully curated list features titles that cater to a variety of readers, categorized into the most popular, top-rated, and best-value options to help you make a fast and surefire decision. Each book entry includes detailed information directly from the publisher as well, offering a clear view of what each commentary represents.

We believe this structured approach ensures you can quickly identify the best Luke commentaries that align best with your study goals and preferences.

Note: We only included the best Luke commentaries with 4.5 stars or better ranking and a minimum of 150 reviews.

The Gospel

The Best Luke Commentaries

Most Popular: Expository Thoughts on the Gospel of Luke: A Commentary (Updated Edition)

Author/Publisher: J.C. Ryle

From the publisher: Wisdom, encouragement, and exhortation is contained in these pages. Not because of the author’s brilliance, but because of the words of truth contained in the gospel of Luke. And just as the Apostle Luke didn’t draw any attention to himself, so also J. C. Ryle clearly and wonderfully directs his words and our thoughts towards the inspired words of scripture.”

Top-Rated: Luke: An Expositional Commentary

Author/Publisher: R.C. Sproul

From the publisher: “In this volume, Dr. R.C. Sproul traces the record of Jesus’ life as told by Luke, the man considered by some to be one of the greatest historians of the ancient world. Dr. Sproul shows that this gospel is for believers and skeptics alike, written so “that you may have certainty” (Luke 1:4) about the Son of Man who came to seek and save the lost. Dr. Sproul’s expositional commentaries help you understand key theological themes and apply them to all areas of your life.”

Best Value: Luke (Thru the Bible)

Author/Publisher: J. Vernon McGee

From the publisher: “Radio messages from J. Vernon McGee delighted and enthralled listeners for years with simple, straightforward language and clear understanding of the Scripture. Now enjoy his personable, yet scholarly, style in a 60-volume set of commentaries that takes you from Genesis to Revelation with new understanding and insight.”

Be Compassionate (Luke 1-13): Let the World Know That Jesus Cares (The BE Series Commentary)

Author/Publisher: Warren W. Wiersbe

From the publisher: “Part of Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s best-selling “BE” commentary series, BE Compassionate has now been updated with study questions and a new introduction by Ken Baugh. A respected pastor and Bible teacher, Dr. Wiersbe explores the compassionate life of Jesus. Filled with moving examples of Christ’s ministry to people of all backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs, this study will inspire you to share His love with the world around you.”

Exalting Jesus in Luke (Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary)

Author/Publisher: Thabiti M. Anyabwile

From the publisher: Exalting Jesus in Luke is part of the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary series. Edited by David Platt, Daniel L. Akin, and Tony Merida, this commentary series takes a Christ-centered approach to expositing each book of the Bible. Rather than a verse-by-verse approach, the authors have crafted chapters that explain and apply key passages in their assigned Bible books.”

The Gospel of Luke (The New International Commentary on the New Testament)

Author/Publisher: Joel B. Green

From the publisher: “This highly original commentary, part of the New International Commentary, is unique for the way it combines concerns with first-century culture in the Roman world with understanding the text of Luke as a wholistic, historical narrative.”

Luke (The NIV Application Commentary)

Author/Publisher: Darrell L. Bock

From the publisher: “The NIV Application Commentary helps you communicate and apply biblical text effectively in today’s context. This unique, award-winning commentary is the ideal resource for today’s preachers, teachers, and serious students of the Bible, giving them the tools, ideas, and insights they need to communicate God’s Word with the same powerful impact it had when it was first written.”

Luke (The NIV Application Commentary)

Author/Publisher: Charles R. Swindoll

From the publisher: “Join Chuck as he explores Dr. Luke’s carefully researched and strikingly human account of the life of Jesus. Luke describes the man, Jesus, and His ministry in vivid detail. He shows that Jesus is the perfect God-man, the all-powerful Creator who became human to save all of humanity, Jew and Gentile alike.”

Luke 1-5 MacArthur New Testament Commentary (Volume 7) (MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series)

Author/Publisher: John MacArthur

From the publisher: “Luke is unique in its historical detail and for how it positions Jesus as the Savior-King not just of the Jews, but of all mankind. Join John MacArthur as he explains each verse in a way that is both doctrinally precise and intensely practical. Taking into account the cultural, theological, and Old Testament contexts of each passage, MacArthur tackles interpretive challenges and fairly evaluates differing views, giving the reader confidence in his conclusions.”

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