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Lord’s Library editors compiled this brief that offers a short summary of The Holiness of God, a Christian classic by R.C. Sproul.

In The Holiness of God, R.C. Sproul offers a comprehensive exploration of the nature and significance of God’s holiness. The book begins by offering a Bible-based understanding of holiness and its implications for the Christian. Sproul emphasizes the absolute transcendence of God’s holiness, arguing that it is what sets Him apart from all of creation and underscores His supreme authority over it.

Sproul delves into the concept of sin and its offense against God’s holiness. He highlights the need for redemption through Jesus Christ, who offers forgiveness and reconciliation with God via the Gospel. This perspective aligns with the fundamental Christian belief in the atoning work of Jesus on the cross as the means by which sinners can be made righteous before a Holy God.

The Holiness of God serves as a compelling reminder of the significance of God’s holiness in the Christian faith. It underscores the need for reverence, obedience, and a recognition of our own sinfulness in the presence of a Holy God. Sproul’s work challenges believers to strive for personal holiness and a deeper understanding of God’s character as they seek to live out their faith.

Those looking for information on this work commonly query Google for The Holiness of God PDF (linked courtesy of Internet Archive), The Holiness of God Audio book (or in this case, CD), and even The Holiness of God Video Series on Amazon. There is even a Kindle and audio version in Spanish.

Whatever the case, we made sure to link the best options in this space, and we hope you can take what we’ve written above, and what we outline below, to provide a worthwhile review for your friends, family, or next ministry project.

The Gospel

The Holiness of God Summary

The Holiness of God Summary: Points to Know Before Reading

It was Written by the Infamous R.C. Sproul

R.C. Sproul was a prominent Reformed theologian and pastor. He authored numerous books (see the Signature Classics here) and articles throughout his career, addressing a wide range of theological topics. The Holiness of God is one of his most well-known and influential works, recognized for its clear and accessible treatment of its subject matter.

Sproul’s teachings, including those in The Holiness of God, had a significant impact on evangelical Christianity, particularly in the United States. He also founded Ligonier Ministries in 1971.

To offer Reformed Theological Depth

The Holiness of God extensively references and interprets relevant Scripture passages, allowing readers to see the biblical basis for his theological assertions. Key passages, such as Isaiah 6, Exodus 15, and Revelation 4, are analyzed in detail. Sproul doesn’t just scratch the surface but engages with God’s holiness from various angles, drawing on both Old and New Testament texts.

Sproul also explores how God’s holiness relates to and interplays with His other attributes, such as His love, justice, and sovereignty. Throughout the work, Sproul draws on the insights of theologians from past historical periods, including figures from the early church fathers to the Reformers.

He shows how the doctrine of God’s holiness has been understood and developed over the centuries.

In Awe and Reverence of the Lord

Understanding the moral perfection and purity of God’s holiness highlights the imperfections and sinfulness of humanity. This contrast should humble believers and lead them to acknowledge their need for God’s grace and forgiveness. Sproul also explains that God’s holiness makes Him distinct from anything in the created order.

Sproul touches on the biblical concept of the “fear of the Lord” as well, which is often associated with awe and reverence. See Proverbs 9:10: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”

And the Practical Applications of the Holiness of God

Sproul highlights how a deeper understanding of God’s holiness should transform the way Christians approach worship. He explains that this realization should lead to genuine repentance. Believers are called to acknowledge their need for God’s grace. He also discusses how the pursuit of personal holiness should be a natural response to God’s moral perfection.

Believers are encouraged to share the message of God’s holiness and the hope found in Christ through the Gospel with a sense of urgency and conviction. The Holiness of God includes additional practical applications on ethical decision-making, relationships, and more.

Through Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross

In The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul, the relationship between the holiness of God and the Gospel is a central theme. Sproul explores how God’s holiness is intimately connected to the Christian message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

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